Who are we?

Welcome to Sea Monkey Adventures- San Diegos first ever family oriented sailboat charter. We’ve crafted the experience with families in mind, ensuring an amazing time—from our friendly crew and cozy boat to the tasty drinks on board.

Our private boat charter focus on families first. We know how important it is to stay connected through fun adventures, traveling together, sharing laughs, and making memories. Life gets busy, but a special family tour can be that once-in-a-year trip you’ll remember forever.

Our Values

What sets us apart is the high priority for our Families who come onboard. 

  • #1 Happy Families= Successful Sail! We always go the extra mile to ensure you and your family have a memorable sailing experience. As soon as you step on board, you’re treated like family, and we take care of you as one of our own.
    We always ask which route you’d like to take, and before your sail, we check if there’s a special occasion we can celebrate with you. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any family celebration, we’ll make it extra memorable.
    Does your kid—or even your husband—want to be a captain for the day? No problem! Our captain will guide them, letting them steer, take the helm, or open the sail.

  • Safety is a Priority: Because we cater to families of all ages, we prioritize safety above all else. That’s why we provide top-notch, comfortable life jackets for every child aged 12 and under. From 18-month-old babies to toddlers and up to 12-year-olds, our life jackets are designed to ensure their safety while keeping them comfortable throughout the journey.
  • Alcohol-Free Sail = Inclusive Sail: We understand that San Diego has its fair share of booze cruises, but we believe in providing an environment free from alcohol, especially in family-oriented activities like sailing. Our aim is to create a space where everyone feels connected and fully present, focusing on what truly matters: bonding and creating memories that will last a lifetime.
    For this reason, we offer a variety of refreshing drinks onboard, such as ginger beer, coconut water, Jumex fruit juice, and apple juice for the little ones. We’ve gone the extra mile by partnering with Improv-Booze Free Cocktails to ensure that even our adult guests can enjoy unique, alcohol-free beverages while soaking in the beauty of the sea.

The Vessel

A beautiful 35 Foot sailboat yatch, a Hunter 356 built in 2002. 

Built with 2 rooms, one V berth and one captains quarters

Has functional Kitchen and a bathroom, with a beautiful dining table and indoor couches 

The Cockpit is equipped with seating area all around, EVA flooring, a Bimini and recently installed dodger to block off the wind!

On the front of he deck, we have beautiful handmade yellow cushion seating on the top, designed to have more than enough space for 6 family members.

On the Sailboat, there are 4 Big yellow blankets that you are free to use when it gets windy.

And of course, well thought out snacks and drinks that aim to be of top notch quality and of course, deigned to be sought out for all ages. We have Ginger beer, coconut water, Jumex fruit juice, apple juice, Improv Booze free Cocktails. And for Snacks we have Milano chocolate cookies and Potato chips 🙂

The Team

Our Captain – Jonathan

Jonathan is a USCG-approved Captain, certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED. Naturally, he’s also alcohol and drug-free compliant! With 12 years of boating experience, Jonathan’s passion for sailing started at a young age while boating with his family.

Here are some fun facts about Jonathan!

  •  His favorite sea animal is the coral, and his fascination with Coral began during his studies of marine biology in Hawaii. Since then, he’s been hooked!
  • When it comes to snacks, Jonathan’s favorite food is bananas! You’ll often catch Captain Jonathan enjoying a whole bunch of bananas as his go-to snack. Truly living up to his nickname, our Monkey Captain 🐒!


Behind the Scenes – Maya

Maya is the powerhouse behind the scenes, ensuring that every family is properly accommodated. Whether it’s addressing your inquiries before the sail, handling special requests, or ensuring that your family has a memorable experience, Maya is dedicated to listening and making it happen. She’s here to ensure your sailing adventure is everything you’ve dreamed of and more! 🌟